• We monitor the number of UK rare & native breeds every year.
  • We monitor threats to breeds such as inbreeding, disease and geographical concentration.


  • We save genetics in the UK National Gene Bank.
  • We collect genetics from animals, usually semen from males but also embryos.
  • If a breed were to become extinct, we can use this stored material to revive a breed.


  • We promote the breeding and registration of rare and native breeds.
  • We promote the use of rare and native breeds for Food, Fibre and Conservation Grazing.

Support groups

Did you know that RBST has a network of regional volunteer support groups throughout the UK?

The Support Groups are an important part of the RBST organisation helping in a number of different ways.

And remember you don’t have to own stock to become a volunteer.

Scotland has three groups: The Northern Group, The Caledonian Group & The Borders Group (contact details are in the video).

Join RBST Today

You can help us monitor, save and promote the UK’s rare and native breeds. Join at: https://www.rbst.org.uk/join-rbst-today